Oil and Gas Transport for Western Australia


Oilfield Transport Services is a specialist in providing road freight to the mining, oil and gas industries. Perfectly positioned within 2km of the Broome Port, we assist with all types of cargo including chemicals, heavy equipment, casing and waste.

We have all of the right equipment and experience to get the job done on time, on point and on budget.

Pipes being transported through road trains in Broome

Fast, Efficient and Safe

Transport of Chemicals

We are well equipped and equally qualified to handle all of your chemical transport needs. No matter what type of chemicals you have, we can provide a road freight solution to get them safely from A to B. Whether you require transport for dry chemicals or liquid chemicals, we have the expertise required to handle them with the care. We even have storage facilities available to ensure the safe storage of potentially volatile substances. Whatever your needs, you can trust Oilfield Transport Services to deliver.

Road Trains for Any

Configuration and Any


Focusing on the mining, oil and gas industries allows us the scope to cover all your needs, no matter what your cargo is. Different cargo requires different trucks, trailers and tankers, so we are always flexible enough to configure a road train to suit your specific needs. We have road freight trailers to suit carrying heavy hauling equipment, delicate testing equipment or casing. We can also help with the specialised tankers to carry your chemicals and waste products. We are familiar with all popular destinations including ports and accredited waste management centres. Whatever you have and wherever it’s going, we’ve got you covered.

Pilot Escorts

When traveling with oversize loads, pilot escorts may be required. Oilfield Transport Services has multiple accredited pilots able and ready to guide your cargo safely to its destination. Whether it be all the way to Perth or just around the corner

Containers for Sale

We have various sizes of shipping containers for sale. Please contact us to see what we have available and for a quote. We are also able to transport containers up and down the West Coast.


Oilfield Transport Services has a large yard of 37,000 square metres in Broome. We have space to store your goods, whether you need hard stand storage or shed storage we have the space.



Oilfield Transport Services has the facilities to do tail gate quarantine. We are able to hold cargo off international vessels in our yard until quarantine are able to come out and complete their inspections. We have a great rapport with the staff at quarantine and able to get items cleared in a timely manner.

Transport of Cars, Boats & Trailers

Need your car, boat or trailer transported? We do regular runs up and down the west coast. Send us through the details on email and we will provide you a timely quote.

Carrying the Cargo is only half the Job

Before your consignment can start its journey it needs to be lifted onto the truck. Oilfield Transport Services has a wide variety of lifting equipment suited to all different types of cargo. Whether you have lots of small items, long skinny casings or huge machinery to transport, we have a lifting solution for the job. From the one tonne forklift up to the thirty-two tonne monster, fifty-five tonne crane and everywhere in between. We have the equipment to get your consignment from the warehouse to the truck, to wherever it needs to be.

To find out more about our road freight services, call 08 9192 1155.

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